Serial sectioning was used to investigate the self-diffusion of 123Te as a function of temperature, component partial pressure and impurity content. The self-diffusion was found to increase with increasing Te2 pressure. It could be explained in terms of a neutral interstitial defect. In undoped samples, the diffusivity could be described by:

minimum pCd = Te saturation, 500-850C:     D (cm2/s) = 1.66 x 10-4 exp[-1.38(eV)/kT]

maximum pCd = Cd saturation, 650-900C:     D (cm2/s) = 8.54 x 10-7 exp[-1.42(eV)/kT]

Self-Diffusion of Cd and Te in CdTe. P.M.Borsenberger, D.A.Stevenson: Journal of the Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 1968, 29, 1277-86