Using bulk crystals of CuInSe2 grown in an evacuated sealed quartz ampoule, diffusion of Zn at 550 to 700C was investigated. The computation of the parameters showed a coefficient of diffusion DZn varying from 10−11 to 10−10cm2/s and an energy of activation of 0.41eV. The results of optical analysis made on doped CuInSe2 showed that Zn could act as a donor and the energy EA of the acceptor level was found to be 23meV.

Diffusion of Zn in CuInSe2 Bulk Crystals. M.Benabdeslem, N.Benslim, L.Bechiri, L.Mahdjoubi, E.B.Hannech, G.Nouet: Journal of Crystal Growth, 2005, 274[1-2], 144-8