Cathodoluminescence imaging studies of P in-diffusion showed that a high P partial pressure during diffusion caused the formation of a GaAsP phase and led to a high density of dislocations which disturbed the in-diffusion process. The formation of dislocations could be prevented by using a P partial pressure of below 0.08bar, and an As partial pressure of above 0.1bar. The As partial-pressure dependence of the diffusivities, combined with the results of other diffusion studies, demonstrated that P and Sb diffusion as well as As self-diffusion on the As sub-lattice was dominated by As self-interstitials.

Cathodoluminescence investigation of diffusion on the As sublattice in gallium arsenide R.F.Scholz, U.Gösele, O.Breitenstein, U.Egger, T.Y.Tan: Solid State Phenomena, 1998, 63-64, 183-90