The temperature dependence of the lifetime of 4.3eV photoluminescence excited by 3 photoluminescence excitation bands in O-deficient amorphous silica was investigated at 13 to 290K. When the photoluminescence was excited at the 5.0 or 6.7eV band, it decayed single-exponentially with a constant lifetime of about 4ns; regardless of the temperature. On the other hand, photoluminescence which was excited at 7.3eV decayed non-exponentially, and its effective lifetime decreased monotonically with an increase in temperature. Such a temperature dependence of the photoluminescence lifetime was explained by assuming an energy diagram which involved 2 configurations of the O-deficient defect.

Temperature Dependence of 4.3eV Photoluminescence in Oxygen-Deficient Amorphous SiO2. K.S.Seol, M.Fujimaki, Y.Ohki, H.Nishikawa: Physical Review B, 1999, 59[3], 1590-3