A study was made of deep levels which were introduced by the 1MeV electron irradiation of B-doped or Ga-doped Czochralski-type specimens having various dopant concentrations. Deep level transient spectroscopy was used to detect radiation-induced deep levels. The results provided evidence of new defect states, in addition to those previously reported in Ga-doped and B-doped material. A predominant donor-like electron level at Ec - 0.18eV in B-doped material had not been observed in Ga-doped Czochralski-type samples.

Influence of the Dopant Species on Radiation-Induced Defects in Si Single Crystals A.Khan, M.Yamaguchi, M.Kaneiwa, T.Saga, T.Abe, O.Annzawa, S.Matsuda: Journal of Applied Physics, 2000, 87[12], 8389-92