(Na,Yb)Zr2P3O12, (Na,Gd)Zr2P3O12: Ionic Conduction


Trivalent cation-doped phosphates were prepared, and their solubility limits and conductivities were determined. It was found that there existed 2 types of NASICON-related phase. One of them was the previously reported M-NZP, while the other was the newly observed: NMP (for M1.0 to M1.9 in the case of M = Yb, Er, Y, Dy and Th). This was a metastable phase which easily absorbed H2O. The Arrhenius plots exhibited linearity within the M-NZP phase region, but sometimes showed kinks within the NMP phase region; thus indicating a difference in the conduction mechanism for these phases.

Solubility Range and Ionic Conductivity of Large Trivalent Ion-Doped (Na,M)Zr2P3O12 Solid Electrolytes. Y.Miyajima, T.Miyoshi, J.Tamaki, M.Matsuoka, Y.Yamamoto, C.Masquelier, M.Tabuchi, Y.Saito, H.Kageyama: Solid State Ionics, 1999, 124[3-4], 201-11