A semi-analytical lattice-statics model was proposed for calculating lattice distortions, due to an edge dislocation in a crystal lattice, to any desired degree of approximation. The edge dislocation was created by introducing a half-plane of vacancies. The defect space was decomposed into a part which had translational symmetry, and a localized end-space. The displacement field in the translationally symmetrical part was calculated in terms of a constant Kanzaki force which was related to the Burgers vector. The Dyson equation for the defect Green’s function was then solved by using a matrix partitioning technique in the localized end-space. The technique was applied to a simple-cubic lattice model.

Lattice-Statics Model for Edge Dislocations in Crystals. V.K.Tewary: Philosophical Magazine A, 2000, 80[6], 1445-52