A first-principles analysis was made of the strain renormalization of cation diffusivity on the (001) surface. In the case of In/GaAs(001)-c(4 x 4), it was shown that the binding of In was increased when the substrate lattice was expanded. The diffusion barrier exhibited a non-monotonic strain dependence, with a maximum at compressive strain values. It was a decreasing function for any tensile strain studied. The rates of growth of 2 coherently strained islands on the (001) surface were evaluated for a simple geometry, and a growth regime was identified within which the island sizes tended to equalize during growth; due to the strain-dependence of the surface diffusion.

Effect of Strain on Surface Diffusion in Semiconductor Heteroepitaxy. E.Penev, P.Kratzer, M.Scheffler: Physical Review B, 2001, 64[8], 085401 (9pp)