The densities and characters of dislocations, and the size-distribution of grains or sub-grains, were determined by using a new procedure for X-ray diffraction profile analysis in specimens deformed by equal channel angular pressing or cold rolling. The anisotropic strain broadening of diffraction profiles was accounted for by dislocation contrast factors. The screw or edge character of the dislocations was determined by analyzing the dislocation contrast factors. Three size parameters, and the dislocation density, were obtained by using modified Williamson-Hall and Warren-Averbach procedures. By assuming that the grain-size distribution was log-normal, the median and variance of the size distribution of the grains or sub-grains were obtained from the 3 size parameters.

Densities and Character of Dislocations and Size-Distribution of Sub-Grains in Deformed Metals by X-Ray Diffraction Profile Analysis. T.Ungár, J.Gubicza, P.Hanák, I.Alexandrov: Materials Science and Engineering A, 2001, 319-321, 274-8