A study was made of the dynamics of the Na atoms in amorphous Na2O-4SiO2 by means of molecular dynamics computer simulations. It was found that, at low temperatures, the preferential pathways of these atoms form a well-connected network of pockets and channels that was quickly explored by each atom. It was shown that, even for long times, the volume occupied by these channels was relatively small and that they could not be seen in individual snapshots of the Na atoms. By studying the distinct part of the van Hove correlation function it was shown that the lifetime for such a pocket showed an Arrhenius dependence upon temperature. The probability that an atom returned to a given site was also calculated, and it was shown that such events were not very frequent.Transport Properties of Sodium in a Silicate Glass - a Numerical Study. P.Jund, W.Kob, R.Jullien: Philosophical Magazine B, 2002, 82[5], 597-606