It was recalled that dopant and self-diffusion were governed by both self-interstitials and vacancies; as normalized to their thermal equilibrium values. Since these point defect concentrations were too low to be investigated directly, the diffusion mechanisms had to be considered to be unknown. An equation for interstitials and vacancies in dopant diffusion was known, but had not been conclusively solved. After substituting experimental results on P, Sb and B diffusion at 1100C into a new equation that had been derived from the dopant diffusion equation, the equation was solved at the same time as the equation for oxidation-induced stacking faults under conditions of local equilibrium between interstitials and vacancies. In this way, the interstitial and vacancy concentrations were obtained as functions of the diffusion time, and the fractional components of the interstitialcy mechanism for P, Sb and B, and for self-diffusion, could be determined. It was also found that Sb diffusion and self-diffusion were governed mainly by a vacancy mechanism.

T.Okino, R.Takaue, M.Onishi: Materials Science Forum, 1995, 196-201, 1631-6