Nanocrystalline thin films which had been produced by direct-current arc plasma were characterized by means of transmission electron microscopy and Raman spectroscopy. The transmission electron microscopic results showed that, regardless of the deposition conditions, planar defects (especially twins) were present in the film. These defects appeared in the first stages of nucleation, and promoted film growth. The crystallite dimensions ranged from 10 to 30nm, but were fragmented by micro-twins. Cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy revealed the presence of an inter-layer of -SiC.

L.C.Nistor, J.Van Landuyt, V.G.Ralchenko, E.D.Obratzova, K.G.Korotushenko, A.A.Smolin: Materials Science Forum, 1997, 239-241, 115-8