The up-hill diffusion of 0.5keV-implanted B was investigated under non-amorphizing implantation conditions. Post-implantation annealing at temperatures above 400C induced the up-hill diffusion of B, which could be observed in the initial stages of annealing. The up-hill diffusion was significantly suppressed by additional Si implantation into the B implanted region, thus suggesting that the up-hill diffusion was mediated by excess free self-interstitials during annealing. Also, the up-hill diffusion caused a severe dose loss of implanted B to the Si/SiO2 interface.

Anomalous Uphill Diffusion and Dose Loss of Ultra-Low-Energy Implanted Boron in Silicon during Early Stage of Annealing. H.Tsuji, M.Furuhashi, M.Tachi, K.Taniguchi: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics – 1, 2004, 43[3], 873-6