Inelastic neutron scattering and molecular dynamics simulation were used to investigate the chemical short-range order, visible via pre-peaks in the structure factors, and its relationship to self-diffusion in Al–Ni melts. As a function of composition at 1795K, the Ni self-diffusion coefficients found from experiment and simulation exhibited a non-linear dependence, with a marked increase on the Al-rich side. This was associated with a change in chemical short-range order, with increasing Al content, that was related to a more dense packing of the atoms in Ni-rich Al–Ni systems.

Influence of Chemical Short-Range Order on Atomic Diffusion in Al–Ni Melts. S.K.Das, J.Horbach, M.M.Koza, S.M.Chatoth, A.Meyer: Applied Physics Letters, 2005, 86[1], 011918 (3pp)