High-resolution transmission electron microscopic images of Σ = 3 and Σ = 9 tilts about <011>-axes (first- and second-order twin boundaries) were studied in a specimen which was cleaved from a melt-grown bulk crystal. Part of the first-order twin boundaries lay in (¯¯21¯1)-(¯¯2¯11) and (¯1¯11)-(¯11¯1) planes. The dislocation cores were found in the boundary plane of a Σ = 3 tilt boundary lying in (¯1¯11)-(¯11¯1) planes. The images of the observed boundaries were simulated by using methods which were based upon the multi-slice method. It was concluded that some of the twins were due to thermal stresses.

HRTEM Observations of Σ = 3 and Σ = 9 Tilt about <011> Axis Grain Boundaries in Bulk CdTe Crystals. T.I.Milenov, V.I.Dimov, N.G.Khaltakova, M.M.Gospodinov: Crystal Research and Technology, 2000, 35[11-12], 1331-41