Series of Li-ion conducting A-site deficient perovskite solid solutions were studied. The A-site ion concentration was fixed at A0.56Li0.33, and the series were of the form: (Ca,Sr)0.56Li0.33Cr0.225Ta0.775O3. The bulk conductivity at 25C exhibited a maximum at the cube root of the perovskite cell-volume; which was equal to 394pm. The conductivity at 25C was equal to 2.0 x 10-4S/cm in the case of (Ca,Sr)0.56Li0.33Cr0.225Ta0.775O3.

An Investigation of the Perovskite Frameworks of ADPESSs and the Lithium Ion Conductivity with DV-Xα Calculations. Y.Harada, Y.Ishikawa, J.Kuwano, Y.Saito: Key Engineering Materials, 2000, 181-182, 175-8