A linear relationship was found, between the specific volumetric capacity of an oxide electrode film and the discharge current density in pure alkali and zincate solutions, when the current density was greater than 0.1mA/cm2 and the transition time was shorter than 100s. The diffusion coefficients were deduced from the resultant protonic vacancy concentrations, and were found to be between 4.2 x 10-12 and 1.5 x 10-12cm2/s. The values were suggested to be typical of a hindered solid-phase diffusion process.

V.A.Kozyrin, A.A.Bachaev, S.P.Bazarov, V.N.Flerov: Elektrokhimiya, 1989, 25[2], 267-9. (Soviet Electrochemistry, 1989, 25[2], 234-61)