The origin of etch pits, formed in (010) scandium nitride single crystals etched in molten KOH was reported. Transmission electron microscopy with weak beam condition and large area convergent beam electron diffraction technique were used to identify the nature of dislocations associated with etch pits. The top edge of the etch pits was a square inverted pyramid with the bottom point deviating from the centre. Transmission electron microscopic investigations demonstrated that a mixed dislocation terminated at the bottom of each etch pit. The Burgers vector of the mixed dislocation was ½[0¯1¯1] and the vector of the dislocation line was [1¯91].

Transmission Electron Microscopy Study of Defect-Selective Etched (010) ScN Crystals. J.Chaudhuri, R.G.Lee, L.Nyakiti, J.Armstrong, Z.Gu, J.H.Edgar, J.G.Wen: Materials Letters, 2008, 62[1], 27-9