Surface mass diffusion had been investigated on Pt(111) at 710 to 1220K. This greatly extended the range over which diffusion was known from step fluctuation spectroscopy. Here, a beam of Pt- self-ions was used to create a suitable structure on step edges. The surface mass diffusion coefficients then followed from the decay of Fourier components observed by low-energy electron microscopy at various annealing temperatures. The results agreed with step fluctuation spectroscopic values where they overlapped, and continued smoothly to low temperatures. This made it unlikely that diffusion along step-edges played a major role in step-edge relaxation within the temperature range studied. The surface mass diffusion coefficient at 710 to 1520K, deduced here, together with previous step fluctuation spectroscopic data, could be described by:

D (cm2/s) = 4 x 10-3exp[-1.47(eV)/kT]

Surface Mass Diffusion over an Extended Temperature Range on Pt(111). M.Rajappan, W.Swiech, M.Ondrejcek, C.P.Flynn: Journal of Physics - Condensed Matter, 2007, 19[22], 226006 (8pp)