The backscattering of 230keV protons, the depth dependences of the full-width at the half-minimum of proton angular scans and transmission electron microscopy were used to study the structural perfection of Si single crystals implanted with Er and Si ions at doses lower and higher than the respective amorphization thresholds. Implantation of 2MeV Er ions at a dose of 5 x 1013/cm2 was found to produce high concentrations of point defects without amorphization of the Si layer. After the implantation of 100keV Si ions at a dose of 1017/cm2 exceeding the amorphization threshold by two orders of magnitude, a high density of extended defects was observed, but no amorphization. The dechanneling by point and extended defects was found to have different dependences (decreasing and increasing, respectively) of the scan full-width at the half-minimum on the scan depth.

Proton Backscattering by Point and Extended Defects in Ion-Implanted Si. N.Sobolev, V.Sakharov, I.Serenkov, A.Kalyadin, V.Vdovin: Physica Status Solidi C, 2009, 6[8], 1807-10