The high electrical activity of extended defects found in a 3C–SiC hetero-epitaxially grown layer on (100) silicon substrates was demonstrated. Cross-sectional scanning transmission electron microscopy analysis was used to reveal the defects, while scanning spreading resistance microscopy clarified their electrical behaviour. Using this technique, complete layer resistance cartography was possible. The electrical activity of the extended defects in 3C–SiC was clearly evidenced. Furthermore, the defect activity was estimated to be higher than that of heavily nitrogen-doped (5 x 1018/cm3) 3C–SiC layers.

Evidence of Electrical Activity of Extended Defects in 3C–SiC Grown on Si. X.Song, J.F.Michaud, F.Cayrel, M.Zielinski, M.Portail, T.Chassagne, E.Collard, D.Alquier: Applied Physics Letters, 2010, 96[14], 142104