Diffusion in Solids - Past, Present and Future

Volume 249

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.249

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Authors: Yu.A. Lyashenko, Andriy Gusak

Abstract: A model of alloying in the three-layer thin-film system at the low temperature is constructed. Solid solution formation takes place as a...

Authors: M. Kajihara

Abstract: The temperature dependence of the kinetics of the reactive diffusion was numerically analyzed for a hypothetical binary system composed of...

Authors: Alexander V. Evteev, A.T. Kosilov, Elena V. Levchenko, O.B. Logachev

Abstract: A molecular dynamic model for instantaneously undercooled iron melt has been applied to model the isothermal annealing of the stable...

Authors: Boris B. Khina, Boleslaw Formanek

Abstract: It is known experimentally that solid-state interdiffusion is substantially enhanced during plastic deformation. This is especially...

Authors: J.V. Osinskaya, A.V. Pokoev, Nikolai S. Perov

Abstract: In this research, the process of artificial aging of beryllium bronze as diffusioncontrollable process was studied at the temperatures of...

Authors: Danil V. Vaganov, Sergey N. Zhevnenko

Abstract: Indirect method is used for determination of copper self-diffusion coefficient on the base of high-temperature creep data. These data are...

Authors: Dezső L. Beke, Z. Erdélyi

Abstract: In the diffusion literature the classical Nernst-Einstein equation is used to describe the effect of driving forces. This implies that the...

Authors: Dominique Mangelinck

Abstract: The effect of Pt and Ge on the stability of NiSi films has been examined. The addition of a small amount of Pt (5 at%) in the Ni film...

Authors: Alain Portavoce, Isabelle Berbezier, Antoine Ronda, Patrick Gas, J.S. Christensen, Andrej Yu. Kuznetsov, Bengt Gunnar Svensson

Abstract: We have investigated the lattice diffusion of B and Sb by means of molecular beam epitaxy in Si1−xGex (x < 0.2) layers grown on Si(001)...

Authors: Yuriy S. Nechaev, G.A. Filippov

Abstract: Results of experimental and theoretical investigations on hydrogen sorption by various carbon nanostructures, including fullerenes,...


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