Diffusion in Solids - Past, Present and Future

Volume 249

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.249

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Authors: Z.B. Wang, N.R. Tao, W.P. Tong, Jian Lu, K. Lu

Abstract: By means of surface mechanical attrition treatment (SMAT), nanostructured (NS) surface layers were fabricated on a pure iron plate and a low...

Authors: A.A. Mazilkin, B. Baretzky, S. Enders, Olga A. Kogtenkova, Boris B. Straumal, Eugen Rabkin, Ruslan Valiev

Abstract: Microstructure and hardness of ternary Al–Zn–Mg alloys were studied both in as cast state and after high pressure torsion (HPT) with 5...

Authors: Jean Bernardini, Christophe Girardeaux, Andree Rolland

Abstract: Grain-boundary heterodiffusion of iron in pure copper and self diffusion of iron in copper–0.091at% iron were measured by the serial...

Authors: Boris S. Bokstein, Alexey O. Rodin, A.N. Smirnov

Abstract: The effect of grain boundary segregation (GBS) on grain boundary diffusion (GBD) is analyzed in frame of the new model. This model supposes...

Authors: Paweł Zięba

Abstract: The paper provides a short state of art in the field of diffusion processes at moving grain boundaries (reaction front) at the example of...

Authors: Vera G. Sursaeva, Boris B. Straumal

Abstract: The migration of individual special [ ] 0 1 10 tilt grain boundary (GB) with Σ =15 and misorientation angle 29° in Zn bicrystal have been...

Authors: O.B. Bodnar, I.M. Aristova, A.A. Mazilkin, A.N. Chaika, P.Yu Popov

Abstract: Theoretical base for non-destructive diffusion parameters determination technique in solids taking into account the dopant flux from the...

Authors: Lembit A. Kommel

Abstract: Diffusion in the interface regions of lightweight heatproof quality titanium and titanium/aluminum alloys was investigated. We studied the...

Authors: Evgeny E. Glickman

Abstract: Thermodynamic conditions for spontaneous grain boundary wetting (GBW) and stress driven liquid metal embrittlement (LME) are related to each...

Authors: Leonid M. Klinger, Eugen Rabkin

Abstract: We considered a polycrystalline cylindrical wire of the initial radius R0 composed of identical cylindrical grains of the length L0,...


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