Diffusion of Zinc in Two-Phase Mg-Al Alloy


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Coefficient of 65Zn heterodiffusion in Mg17Al12 intermetallic and in eutectic alloy Mg - 33.4 wt. % Al was measured in the temperature region 598 – 698 K using serial sectioning and residual activity methods. Diffusion coefficient of 65Zn in the intermetallic can be written as DI = 1.7 × 10-2 m2 s-1 exp (-155.0 kJ mol-1 / RT). At temperatures T ≥ 648 K, where the mean diffusion path was greater than the mean interlamellar distance in the eutectic, the effective diffusion coefficient Def = 2.7 × 10-2 m2 s-1 exp (-155.1 kJ mol-1 / RT) was evaluated. At two lower temperatures, the diffusion coefficients 65Zn in interphase boundaries were estimated: Db (623 K) = 1.6 × 10-12 m2 s-1 and Db (598 K) = 4.4 × 10-13 m2 s-1.



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J. Čermák and I. Stloukal




I. Stloukal and J. Čermák, "Diffusion of Zinc in Two-Phase Mg-Al Alloy", Defect and Diffusion Forum, Vol. 263, pp. 189-194, 2007

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March 2007




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