Diffusion and Thermodynamics of Materials

Volume 263

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.263

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Authors: Irina V. Belova, Graeme E. Murch, D. Samuelis, Manfred Martin

Abstract: It was recently shown by Schulz and co-workers that in doped lanthanum gallate: La(1-x) SrxGa(1-y)MgyO(3-(x+y)/2) (LSGM) the three cations:...

Authors: Pavel Novák, Dalibor Vojtěch, Jan Šerák, Michal Novák, Barbora Bártová

Abstract: The aim of this work was to describe the mechanism and kinetics of plasma nitriding of a Nb-containing PM (powder metallurgy) tool steel....

Authors: E. Partyka, Rafal Kozubski

Abstract: The influence of Fe admixture on ordering kinetics in Ni3Al1-xFex was studied by running Monte Carlo simulations in a model system A3B1-xCx...

Authors: A. Kroupa, J. Vízdal

Abstract: The methods for the modeling of thermodynamic properties of multicomponent systems are described here. The rules for the creation of a...

Authors: N.E. Dubinin, L.D. Son, N.A. Vatolin

Abstract: In the present study, we apply the Bretonnet-Silbert local model pseudopotential, which takes into account the s-d hybridization in...

Authors: Hisao Fujikawa, Takao Murakumo, Simon Newcomb, Hiroshi Harada

Abstract: Steam oxidation behavior of a new Ni-based single crystalline superalloy (TMS-75) developed as the high strength material for the advanced...

Authors: Hua Long Li, Q. Wen, Jerzy A. Szpunar

Abstract: The oxide film, which is formed on the Zr-2.5% Nb pressure tube surface serves as a protective barrier against hydrogen ingress. Hydrogen...

Authors: Dalibor Vojtěch, M. Mort'aniková, Pavel Novák

Abstract: In the presented work, high-temperature cyclic oxidation of pure Ti, Ti-7.8wt.%Si, Ti- 45.6wt.%Al and Ti-11.7wt.%Al-7.2wt.%Si alloys at 750...

Authors: Maarten Schurmans, Jan Luyten, Claude Creemers

Abstract: First Principles (FP) methods are invoked to improve the accuracy of Bozzolo-Ferrante- Smith (BFS) model, one of the quantum-approximate...

Authors: Tony Laas, Ü. Ugaste, J. Priimets

Abstract: Description of diffusion paths is one of the most interesting and topical problems in experimental investigations of interdiffusion in...


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