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Authors: Gregory Abadias, Aurelien Debelle, Anny Michel, Christiane Jaouen
Abstract:The stress state and intermixing in epitaxial Ni/Mo multilayers grown on (11 2 0) sapphire substrates are investigated using X-ray...
Authors: F. Salman, J. Arnold, Peng Zhang, Guan Gyu Chai, Fred A. Stevie, Lee Chow
Abstract:Redistributions of implanted species after thermal annealing in polycrystalline silicon (poly-silicon) were studied by secondary ion mass...
Authors: M.C. Benoudia, Jean Marc Roussel, Stephane Labat, O. Thomas, Dezső L. Beke, G.A. Langer, Miklos Kis-Varga
Abstract:In order to investigate interdiffusion in Mo/V multilayers, we present a method that combines both kinetic mean-field simulations and...
Authors: Egbert R. Nieuwenhuis, Matthew O. Zacate, Gary S. Collins
Authors: Alain Portavoce, Roberto Simola, Dominique Mangelinck, Jean Bernardini, Pascal Fornara
Abstract:We have investigated the redistribution of B during the crystallization of an amorphous Si layer homogeneously doped with P. The...
Authors: Evgeny I. Gershman, Sergey N. Zhevnenko
Abstract:Grain boundary and free surface tension for pure copper and copper-tin alloys are measured. On the base of these data isothermes of grain...
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