Study of Diffusion and Reaction Diffusion in the Fe-C-Nb System


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Experiments of niobium diffusion at infinite dilution and Nb reaction-diffusion in pure iron and in ferrites with different amounts of carbon were performed, for comparison, in order to understand the influence of carbon on the diffusion process in the Nb-Fe system. A proportional decrease of the diffusion coefficient with the increasing amount of carbon was found. This effect seems to be stronger than in the self-diffusion analyzing the literature; moreover SIMS measurements in niobium- implanted samples show a redistribution of carbon during the first steps of the diffusion process. For those reasons, a stronger effect of carbon-niobium interaction over the carbon-vacancy interaction seems to be responsible for the decrease in the diffusion coefficient.



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D. L. Beke, Z. Erdélyi and I. A. Szabó




R. A. Pérez et al., "Study of Diffusion and Reaction Diffusion in the Fe-C-Nb System", Defect and Diffusion Forum, Vol. 264, pp. 163-169, 2007

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April 2007




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