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Authors: Sheng Bo Sang, Chen Yang Xue, Wen Dong Zahng, Ji Jun Xiong
Abstract:A trench is used as a storage capacitor in dynamic memory (DRAM) technologies (deep storage trenches), or as an isolation structure in CMOS,...
Authors: N.A. Kamel
Abstract:PLT and the Doppler broadening S-parameter were used to characterize the Al-Mg alloys, AA5005, AA5051, AA5052 and AA5083. The trapping...
Authors: M.A. Abdel-Rahman, M. Abdel-Rahman, N.A. Kamel, M.S. Abdallah, Emad A. Badawi
Abstract:Positron annihilation has been performed in order to study the isochronal annealing of wrought (2024, 7075) and cast (AlSi11.35Mg0.23,...
Authors: M. Vasylyev, Vitaliy A. Tinkov, Sergey I. Sidorenko, S.M. Voloshko
Abstract:The method of Ionization Spectroscopy is used to study the thermo-induced kinetics of surface segregation of the Pt80Co20(111) alloy...
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