Defects and Diffusion in Ceramics IX

Volume 268

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Khaled Habib, K. Al-Muhanna, F. Al-Sabti, A. Al-Arbeed

Abstract: In the present work, the electrochemical behavior and the oxide barrier-film thickness of anodized aluminum-magnesium (Al-Mg) alloy were...

Authors: Dao Khac An

Abstract: This paper summarizes some of the main results obtained concerning aspects of anomalous single-dopant diffusion and the simultaneous...

Authors: J.C. de Lima, L.A. Santos, S.M. Souza, T.A. Grandi, C.E.M. Campos
Authors: L.I. Erokhin

Abstract: A matrix method for description of some thermodynamic properties in multicomponent alloys in explicit form has been proposed. It has been...


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