Diffusion in Cu(Al) Solid Solution


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The solid state diffusion characteristics in the Cu(Al) solid solution phase, was investigated in the temperature range of 1023–1223 K using single phase bulk diffusion couples between pure Cu/Cu- 10 at.% Al. The interdiffusion coefficients, D, were calculated using Boltzmann–Matano method and Hall’s method from the concentration profiles of the couples that were determined using EPMA. The interdiffusion coefficients (D) calculated ranges between 1.39 X 10−14 and 3.97 X 10−13 m2/s in the temperature range of 1023 to 1223 K. The composition and temperature dependence of D were established. The activation energy for interdiffusion varies from 123.1 to 134.2 kJ/mol in the concentration range 1 at. % ≤ CAl ≤ 9 at. %. The impurity diffusion coefficient of Al in Cu is determined by extrapolating the interdiffusion coeffficient values to infinite dilution of the alloy i.e CAl →0 and its temperature dependence was also established. The activation energy for impurity diffusion of Al in Cu was found to be 137.1 kJ/mol.



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G. B. Kale, M. Sundararaman, G. K. Dey and G. P. Tiwari






A. Laik et al., "Diffusion in Cu(Al) Solid Solution", Defect and Diffusion Forum, Vol. 279, pp. 63-69, 2008

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August 2008




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