Jump Frequencies of Cd Tracer Atoms in L12 Lanthanide Gallides


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Jump frequencies of Cd tracer atoms were measured in three lanthanide gallides having the L12 structure: DyGa3, ErGa3 and LuGa3. 111In/Cd impurity probe atoms were observed to occupy the non-cubic Ga-sites through the nuclear quadrupole interaction using the method of perturbed angular correlation of gamma rays (PAC). Measurements at elevated temperatures exhibited nuclear relaxation (damping) of quadrupolar perturbation functions attributed to diffusional jumps of the probes among orientationally inequivalent Ga-sites. Accurate values of jump frequencies were determined from fits of the measured perturbation functions using a model of stochastically fluctuating electric-field gradients, as in previous work [e.g., Matthew O. Zacate, Aurélie Favrot and Gary S. Collins: Physical Review Letters Vol. 92 (2004) p. 225901]. Arrhenius plots of jump frequencies for the three systems exhibited jump-frequency activation enthalpies in the range 0.86-1.05 eV and prefactors of about 2 THz. The activation enthalpy for ErGa3, 0.86(2) eV is compared with those for ErAl3, 1.40(4) eV, and ErIn3, 1.34(5) eV.



Defect and Diffusion Forum (Volumes 289-292)

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A. Agüero, J.M. Albella, M.P. Hierro, J. Phillibert and F.J. Pérez Trujillo






X. Jiang et al., "Jump Frequencies of Cd Tracer Atoms in L12 Lanthanide Gallides", Defect and Diffusion Forum, Vols. 289-292, pp. 725-732, 2009

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April 2009




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