Positron Annihilation in Ion-Implanted ZnO


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The Diffusion Trapping Model has been used to obtain the positron annihilation Doppler broadening lineshape parameter in ZnO and O+, B+, N+, Al+ implanted ZnO films. The concentration of vacancy clusters is found to be related to the atomic number and the fluence of the implanted ion. The S-parameter is found to be largest in the case of implantation of Al+ ions and is minimum for the implantation of B+ ions. Thus, the vacancy clusters are found to be largest in the case of Al+ implantation. The calculated results have been compared with the experimental value.



Defect and Diffusion Forum (Volumes 295-296)

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David J. Fisher




A. D. Acharya et al., "Positron Annihilation in Ion-Implanted ZnO", Defect and Diffusion Forum, Vols. 295-296, pp. 1-10, 2009

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January 2010




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