Mathematical Model of Forecasting the Coke Quality Indicators


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A mathematical model for the forecasting of the basic metallurgical properties of coke depending on the quality indicators of coals and carbonization parameters is developed. The base of the model are the theoretical and statistical dependences of the physico-chemical and petrographic properties of initial coals on the reactivity and mechanical strength of the coke. These indicators depend on diffusion processes during carbonization. On the basis of initial data, the material and heat balance of the coking process are made and the product price is calculated. The full-function program includes: the initial database interactively formed on the basis of the coals quality certificates and concentrates; the calculating unit of forecasting of the coke properties, allowing to fulfil the mathematical model adapting for the concrete industrial conditions of carbonization process; the unit to calculate results. The calculated values, i.e. the Coke Reactivity Index (CRI) and the Coke Strength after Reaction (CSR) can be used further for technical and economical calculations in the balance logic-statistic model of the blast furnace smelting operation. Or using the feedback, it is possible to calculate necessary relations of the burden components for the carbonization.



Defect and Diffusion Forum (Volumes 297-301)

Edited by:

Andreas Öchsner, Graeme E. Murch, Ali Shokuhfar and João M.P.Q. Delgado






A.N. Dmitriev et al., "Mathematical Model of Forecasting the Coke Quality Indicators", Defect and Diffusion Forum, Vols. 297-301, pp. 1290-1294, 2010

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April 2010




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