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Authors: Iulia Mirela Britchi, Niculae Ene, Mircea Olteanu, Eugeniu Vasile, Petru Nita, E. Alexandrescu
Abstract:Samples of 316L austenitic steel were submitted to a thermochemical treatment which implies surface diffusion of Al and Ti. The technique of...
Authors: Jaromír Drápala, Petr Kubíček
Abstract:In this work we give heed especially to the dominating process which is the solid metal A dissolving in the melt B. During the dissolving,...
Authors: Alexei M. Essiptchouk, L.I. Charakhovski, W. Silva, G.P. Filho, Homero S. Maciel
Abstract:A formula for quick calculation of thermal characteristics of materials used for thermal protection is proposed. The mode of heating of the...
Authors: Ku Zilati Ku Shaari, Richard Turton
Abstract:The impact behavior of a liquid droplet on solid surface is a complex phenomenon and yet is a basic component of various industrial processes...
Authors: Dilara Cayir, Celaletdin Ergun, Sabahattin Guvendik
Abstract:It has been proven that HA coatings on implant materials treated with silver exhibited excellent antibacterial effects. Silver (Ag) ions were...
Authors: Pavel Koštial, Ivan Ružiak, Zdenĕk Jonšta, Miroslav Tvrdý
Abstract:In this paper, we present the results of complex thermo-mechanical analysis (CTMA). In the technical point of view CTMA contains both...
Authors: Stepan Alexandrovich Lushnikov
Abstract:After hydrogen desorption from hydrides based on crystal and partly amorphous CeNi3 compounds samples were obtained with a composition...
Authors: Hayder A. Abdul Bari, Emma Suali, Zulkafli Bin Hassan
Abstract:Glycolic acid ethoxylate 4-tert-butylphenyl ether was used as investigated anionic surfactants in this experimental work. A built up rig with...
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