Defects and Diffusion in Metals XII

Volumes 305-306

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: S.M. Klotsman, G.N. Tatarinova, Alexander N. Timofeev

Abstract: The volume diffusion of nonmagnetic homovalent atomic probes (APs) from the IIIB group of the periodic table of the elements (PTE)Sc, La,...

Authors: Emad A. Badawi, M.A. Abdel-Rahman, Alaa El-Deen A. El-Nahhas, M. Abdel-Rahman

Abstract: Many Aluminum-based alloys are strengthened by using a heat-treatment process known as age-hardening. The aim of this work was to produce a...

Authors: L. Bendjeddou, M.Y. Debili

Abstract: It is the intention of this paper to present the results of a study of Al-Fe-Ti (26-50Fe-2wt%Ti) cast alloys. We have examined the...

Authors: S. Lallouche, M.Y. Debili

Abstract: This work deals with Al-Cu thin films, deposited onto glass substrates by RF (13.56MHz) magnetron sputtering, and annealed at 773K. The film...

Authors: Li Qun Chen, Tao Yu, Zheng Chen Qiu

Abstract: The optimal geometries and mechanical properties of a kink with P are studied by applying density functional theory to the ½[111](1¯10) edge...

Authors: Amitava Ghorai

Abstract: In fast diffusion, the impurity diffusion coefficient is much greater than the self-diffusion coefficient. The pair mechanism is here...

Authors: Xue Mei Li

Abstract: The local distortion of the impurity Ni+ center in magnesium oxide is theoretically studied by analyzing its electron paramagnetic resonance...

Authors: Kameshwar Kumar, Nagesh Thakur, S.C. Katyal, Pankaj Sharma

Abstract: In the present communication, a study was made of the compositional variation of physical properties: average coordination number (),...

Authors: Frank Wirbeleit

Abstract: Boron diffusion after implant and anneal has been studied extensively in the past, without de-convoluting the Boron diffusion behavior by...

Authors: Min Quan Kuang, Shan Xiang Zhang, Pei Xu

Abstract: The electron paramagnetic resonance parameters (g-factors and the hyperfine structure constants) for the Cu2+ center in lanthanum magnesium...


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