Defects and Diffusion, Theory & Simulation II

Volume 307

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M. Rizwan Malik, Tie Lin Shi, Zi Rong Tang, Shi Yuan Liu

Abstract: It is critical to understand multiphase flow applications with regard to dynamic behavior. In this paper, a systematic approach to the study...

Authors: Deepika Sharma, Kamlesh Chandra, Prabhu Shankar Misra

Abstract: Iron-Phosphorus based soft magnetic materials are known for their hot and cold shortness. The present investigation deals with the...

Authors: M. El-Hofy, A.H. Salama

Abstract: Two samples of ZnO doped Ba with the chemical composition, 97ZnO-3BaO, have been prepared via oxalate co-precipitation. During precipitation...

Authors: S.S. Kanmani, K. Ramachandran

Abstract: Self-diffusion, both cationic and anionic, in ZnO nanoparticles was studied here in accord with reaction coordinate theory. The jump...

Authors: R.N. Mariammal, K. Ramachandran

Abstract: An experimental and theoretical investigation of defect modes in tin-doped cupric oxide (Sn-doped CuO) nanoparticles synthesized via a...

Authors: B.I. Ugheoke, Othman Mamat, B. Ariwahjoedi

Abstract: Silica refractory research and development has taken a down-turn; perhaps due to the problems associated with it, or because of concerns...

Authors: Frank Wirbeleit

Abstract: Boron in silicon has presented challenges for decades because of clustering and so-called transient enhanced diffusion [1-2]. An...

Authors: Dmitri V. Lioubtchenko, Tatiana A. Briantseva, Z.M. Lebedeva, Tim J. Bullough

Abstract: GaAs surface composition changes occurring during Al film growth using the CBE method with laser assistance were investigated in situ by...

Authors: S.B. Shrivastava, Aman Deep Acharya, R. Sharma

Abstract: The diffusion trapping model has been applied to slow positron annihilation in He+ irradiated polystyrene and polystyrene – polystyrene...

Authors: M.Rizwan Malik, Tie Lin Shi, Zi Rong Tang, Shi Yuan Liu, M. Haseeb

Abstract: Engineering medical applications are enriched by the fabrication potential of the growing technology of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems...


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