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Authors: Dipti Vaya, Abhilasha Jain, Savitri Lodha, V. K. Sharma, Suresh C. Ameta
Abstract:In the present investigation the photocatalytic activity of zinc sulphide has been enhanced using KCl in different molar ratios. The progress...
Authors: M. Ragam, N. Sankar, K. Ramachandran
Abstract:Defect modes in ZnS:Mn and CdS:Mn nanoparticles are investigated by means of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and the Raman technique...
Authors: Li Qun Chen, Zheng Chen Qiu
Abstract:The effect of light impurities (C, N) upon the electronic structure of the [100](010) edge dislocation core in NiAl single crystals is...
Authors: Deepak P. Adhikary, Andy H. Wilkins
Abstract:We demonstrate that care must be taken in a finite-element discretisation of multi-phase compressible Darcy flow, otherwise constraints of...
Authors: Zhi Hong Zhang, Shao Yi Wu, Shan Xiang Zhang
Abstract:The defect structure for Ni3+ in ZnO crystal is theoretically investigated using the perturbation formulas of the spin Hamiltonian parameters...
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