Heat and Mass Transfer at High Speed Filtration in Porous Media and Packed Beds


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Packed beds composed of spherical balls are used for the study of transfer processes in porous media at turbulent filtration. The paper summarizes the development of a physical modelling of transfer processes in packed beds. It is shown that the available quantitative measurements of structural characteristics of infiltrated flow in packed beds such as the near-wall zone velocity and temperature profiles and velocity pulsation spectra follow the similarity laws of turbulent separated flows that have been developed by the author and are represented in the first part of the paper. These facts supported by visual observations of flow patterns in packed beds from various authors allow implementing the analogy between transfer processes mechanism in turbulent separated flows and convective transfer processes in near-wall zone of surfaces embedded in grainy layers, or ducts filled with packed bed, at high Reynolds numbers. This approach has resulted in the asymptotic heat and mass transfer law. The universal character of the heat and mass transfer law for the surfaces embedded in grainy layer is confirmed by the authors data and data from many other studies.



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Andreas Öchsner and Graeme Murch






A. Gorin "Heat and Mass Transfer at High Speed Filtration in Porous Media and Packed Beds", Defect and Diffusion Forum, Vol. 322, pp. 195-210, 2012

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March 2012





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