Entropy Production and Stress–Deformation Effect on Interdiffusion


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A general, consistent with linear irreversible thermodynamics, theory of stress and elastic deformation during interdiffusion is shown. Special consideration is given to the entropy balance and its production rate during diffusion in Cu-Fe-Ni alloys. The entropy produced during diffusion does not depend on the reference frame and is always positive. The paper spans the gap between the Darken method, linear irreversible thermodynamics and treatments by Stephenson and Svoboda.



Defect and Diffusion Forum (Volumes 323-325)

Edited by:

I. Bezverkhyy, S. Chevalier and O. Politano




M. Danielewski, "Entropy Production and Stress–Deformation Effect on Interdiffusion", Defect and Diffusion Forum, Vols. 323-325, pp. 43-48, 2012

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April 2012




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