Flow Phenomena: Fluids, Heat and Mass

Volume 366

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.366

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Authors: Bohdan Mochnacki, Alicja Piasecka Belkhayat

Abstract: Thermal processes in the domain of a thin metal film which are subjected to a laser pulse are considered. The mathematical model based on...

Authors: Erfan Maleki, Hani Sadrhosseini

Abstract: In this article a comprehensive numerical study is performed to compare the effect of fluid flow across a duct with various cross sectional...

Authors: Jyh Jian Chen, Tsung Sheng Sheu, Yuan Jyun Wang

Abstract: Since polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was invented, it has become one of the most significant approaches for generic identification during...

Authors: M. Al-Marouf, R. Samtaney

Abstract: We present an embedded ghost-fluid method for numerical solutions of the compressible Navier Stokes (CNS) equations in arbitrary complex...

Authors: Rui Li Wang, Xiao Liang, Wen Zhou Lin, Xue Zhe Liu, Yun Long Yu

Abstract: Verification and validation (V&V) are the primary means to assess the accuracy and reliability in computational fluid dynamics (CFD)...

Authors: Pey Shey Wu, Min Jho Young, Jun Yun Wu, Chia Chian Wang, Hao Yu Hu, Chih Fei Chang

Abstract: Aerodynamic characteristics of three supermileage car chassis with new design concepts for improving the driver’s view field and driving...

Authors: Milena Kušnerová, Lukáš Gola, Jan Valíček, Vojtěch Václavík, Marta Harničárová, Iveta Pandová, Pavol Koštial

Abstract: The aim of the publication is the comparative measurements of changes in temperature of the significant material coefficient - thermal...

Authors: Reza Saifi, Afshin Shaygani, Mahdi Sani, Mohammad Said Saidi

Abstract: Aerosol measurement is used in a variety of fields such as nanotechnology, materials science, pollution monitoring, air quality...

Authors: Raquel da Cunha Ribeiro da Silva, Carlos Salinas Sedano, Kamal A.R. Ismail, Paúl Adrian Delgado Maldonado

Abstract: An experimental study was reported earlier on the development of frost formation by humid flow passing over the cylinder. In this study,...

Authors: M.C. Haupt, D. Kowollik, K. Lindhorst, F. Hötte

Abstract: This paper describes the simulation approach for the analysis of fluid structure interactions(FSI) of rocket thrust chambers. It is based on...


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