Diffusion Phenomena: Aspects of Characterization and Experiments

Volume 367

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.367

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Authors: H. Becker, D. Heger, A. Leineweber, David Rafaja

Abstract: The influence of Spark Plasma Sintering / Field Assisted Sintering Technology applying pulsed direct current up to the root-mean-square...

Authors: A.S. Barros, Adrina P. Silva, Ivaldo Leão Ferreira, O.L. Rocha, A.L. Moreira

Abstract: This paper presents a theoretical-experimental study for the prediction of the interfacial heat transfer coefficient during the horizontal...

Authors: Martin Vlach, Ivana Stulikova, Bohumil Smola, Tomáš Kekule, Veronika Kodetova, Jaroslav Malek

Abstract: The effect of hot rolling on mechanical and electrical properties, microstructure and recrystallization behaviour of the AlMnScZr alloy was...

Authors: Andrzej Golabczak, Andrzej Konstantynowicz, Marcin Golabczak

Abstract: In the paper a new method has been proposed for the determining of the very fine machining uniformity over the elaborated surface and could...

Authors: D. Saidi, M. Bouaziz, A.P. Babichev, M.A. Djema, K. Hamouda

Abstract: The present paper examines the influence of the tribofinishing process on the surface state of steel parts XC48, while taking into account...

Authors: Marcel Mandel, Wladimir Kietov, Lutz Krueger

Abstract: The corrosion behaviour of a high-alloy CrMnNi steel was investigated electrochemically in a 0.5 M sulphuric acid solution. The...

Authors: N. López-Perrusquia, M.A. Doñu-Ruiz, D. Sánchez-Huerta, J. Noriega-Zenteno, J.V. Cortés-Suarez

Abstract: This paper studies the formation of iron boride on the surface in ductile iron 100-70-03 class exposed to a thermochemical treatment boron...

Authors: Solange T. Fonseca, Amilton Sinatora, Antonio J. Ramirez, Domingos J. Minicucci, Conrado R. Afonso, Paulo Roberto Mei

Abstract: To understand the effect of vanadium on the austenite decomposition of a 0.7 %C steel used in railway wheels the Continuous Cooling...

Authors: P. González-Aguirre, Hervé Fontaine, C. Beitia, R. Pastorello, J. Ohlsen, J. Lundgren

Abstract: In order to better understand the sorption and outgassing mechanism of gases in relation to wafers containers (FOUP), we have measured HF...

Authors: Shelley Lorimer, Ryan Boehnke, Brigida Meza

Abstract: The mechanisms of mass transfer in thermal solvent enhanced oil recovery processes and the influence of grid size in the numerical...


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