The State of Grain Boundaries and Grain-Boundary Diffusion in Ultrafine-Grained Mo Obtained by Severe Plastic Deformation


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The grain-boundary diffusion of Co in ultra-fine grained Mo processed by high-pressure torsion has been studied by emission Mössbauer spectroscopy and radio-tracer analysis. It is demonstrated that under the severe plastic deformation by high-pressure torsion the non-equilibrium grain boundaries are formed which are the ultra-fast diffusion paths. At annealing in the temperature range of 623-823 K the relaxation of the non-equilibrium boundaries proceeds and their properties approach to those of equilibrium boundaries of recrystallization origin.



Edited by:

Prof. Andreas Öchsner, Prof. Irina V. Belova and Prof. Graeme E. Murch




V. V. Popov and A.V. Sergeev, "The State of Grain Boundaries and Grain-Boundary Diffusion in Ultrafine-Grained Mo Obtained by Severe Plastic Deformation", Defect and Diffusion Forum, Vol. 367, pp. 130-139, 2016

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April 2016




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