Local Mechanical Properties

Volume 368

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.368

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Authors: Jan Tomastik, Radim Čtvrtlík

Abstract: The tribological properties of magnetron sputtered amorphous silicon carbide (a-SiC) and silicon carbonitride coatings (a-SiCN) with...

Authors: Lukáš Voleský, Totka Bakalova, Karolína Borůvková, Petr Louda

Abstract: The article describes the effect of the pressure in the chamber during the deposition of thin layers on the basic mechanical properties of...

Authors: Lukáš Zuzánek, Ondřej Řidký, Nikolaj Ganev, Kamil Kolařík

Abstract: The basic principle of the X-ray diffraction analysis is based on the determination of components of residual stresses. They are determined...

Authors: Martina Syrovátková, Michal Vik, Petr Kulhavý, Martina Viková

Abstract: Special-effect finishes are used in many applications to create new color impressions, pronouncing the design of a product and at the same...

Authors: Jiří Buršík, Ivo Kuběna, Vilma Buršíková, Pavel Souček, Lukáš Zábranský, Petr Vašina

Abstract: X-B-C (X=Mo, Ta) layers prepared by magnetron sputtering were tested. Mechanical properties were characterized by means of nanoindentation...

Authors: Vilma Buršíková, Jiří Buršík, Lukáš Zábranský, Pavel Souček, Petr Vašina

Abstract: Nanostructure coatings based on boroncarbide were prepared using magnetron sputtering technique. The mechanical properties of the coatings...

Authors: Radim Čtvrtlík, Jan Tomastik, Petr Schovánek

Abstract: Amorphous silicon carbide (a-SiC) and boron carbide (a-B4C) thin films were deposited using reactive magnetron sputtering of SiC...

Authors: Pavel Kejzlar, Tomáš Pilvousek, Michal Tregler

Abstract: The present work deals with determination of the cause of crack occurring in a part of car body manufactured from deep-drawing sheet....

Authors: Lenka Kocmanová, Petr Haušild, Aleš Materna, Jiří Matějíček

Abstract: The paper focuses on the variation of mechanical properties near the interface of two materials. The aim is to determine the properties of...

Authors: Martina Syrovátková, Petr Kulhavý, Pavel Srb, Michal Petrů

Abstract: The global development of carbon composite materials has been devoting constantly in still more companies and research institutions....


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