Local Mechanical Properties

Volume 368

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.368

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Authors: Petr Haušild, Ondřej Kovářík, Kristýna Havlíková, Martina Thomasová

Abstract: Young’s modulus of alumina particles reinforced pure Al-matrix composite is characterized by different methods: the pulse-echo ultrasound...

Authors: Martin Bednarik, David Manas, Miroslav Maňas, Ales Mizera, Vojtech Šenkeřík

Abstract: It was found in this study, that radiation crosslinking has a positive effect on the mechanical properties of selected type polyamide. In...

Authors: Jiří Minster, Petr Šašek

Abstract: The aim of the research presented here was to assess the influence of climatic loading on the basic mechanical properties of polymer...

Authors: Jiří Němeček, Vladimír Hrbek

Abstract: This paper deals with fracture properties of microlevel components of hydrated cementpaste. Determination of fracture energy and fracture...

Authors: Michal Vik, Brigita Kolčavová Sirková, Martina Viková, Lucie Duchoňová, Marcela Pechová

Abstract: Collisions between vehicles and pedestrians are a significant problem, and substantial evidence indicates that the problem is closely linked...

Authors: Michal Vik, Nayab Khan, Martina Viková, František Founě

Abstract: The identification and measuring of geometrical dimensions of very small objects including textile is the biggest achievement of the image...

Authors: Eva Smazalová, Šárka Houdková

Abstract: In this study, an attempt is made to characterize the brittleness of the material by crack formation with the Vickers indenter. To assess...

Authors: Jaroslav Petr, Tomáš Pilvousek, Libor Beneš

Abstract: There is a persisting trend in automotive industry to increase quality of parts along with productivity while decreasing the cost. All of...


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