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Authors: Ivan Kopal, Pavel Koštial, Zora Jančíková, Jan Valíček, Marta Harničárová
Abstract:This paper aims to study the cooling of a solid body. An analytical analysis of a solid body cooling in different regimes is presented, such...
Authors: D. Ramasamy, K. Kadirgama, M.M. Noor, M.M. Rahman
Abstract:Current engines are readily available for CNG bi-fuel conversions because it requires only minor engine modifications. However, CNG flame...
Authors: Sheng Yung Tseng, Shang Wen Hsu, Cheng Hsiung Kuo
Abstract:The time-averaged flow characteristics in the regions upstream and downstream of the side-by-side cylinders of diameter ratio two, arranged...
Authors: Kwon Se Kim, Doo Seuk Choi
Abstract:Using an analytical model, a clear investigation was performed into the phenomenon of decreasing overall pressure and velocity of a plunger...
Authors: Takeji Arai
Abstract:A laser beam with a fixed diameter emitted from an oscillator acts as a heat-spot (or hot-spot by the heat source) on the surface of the...
Authors: Milena Kušnerová, Ivan Kopal, Vojtěch Václavík, Lukáš Gola, Tomáš Dvorský, Jan Valíček, Marta Harničárová, Vojtěch Šimíček
Abstract:This article presents the results of an experimental research dealing with the measurement of the thermal characteristics of concretes based...
Authors: Marta Harničárová, Zuzana Mitaľová, Milena Kušnerová, Jan Valíček, Dušan Mitaľ, Ivan Kopal, Vojtěch Václavík
Abstract:Wood plastic composite (WPC) materials represent modern materials that are attracting interest worldwide. WPC are composite materials and...
Authors: Juan Alejandro Flores-Campos, J.A. Perrusquía Guzmán, Juan Alfonso Beltrán-Fernández, Luis Héctor Hernández-Gómez
Abstract:In this paper the problem of guiding a parabolic trough solar concentrator through a system based on a water displacement mechanism is...
Authors: Bin Xian Shen, Wei Qiang Liu
Abstract:Platelet mixer is a type of high-efficient equipment which can mix fluids through platelet micro-channels by cross-bedded injection. It...
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