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Authors: N. López-Perrusquia, M.A. Doñu-Ruiz, D. Sánchez-Huerta, T. de la Mora-Ramírez, J.V. Cortes-Suarez
Abstract:The paper also presents the growth kinetics of the hard layers on the surface grade machinery steels type AISI 9840 with a boron dehydrated...
Authors: M.A. Doñu-Ruiz, S.C. Carranza Florida, N. López-Perrusquia, J.V. Cortes-Suarez, J.C. Vargas Caballero, C.R. Torres San Miguel
Abstract:In this work, the mechanical behavior on AISI 4140 with boride coating and hardened quenching-tempering was studies subsequently to boriding....
Authors: Stepan Alexandrovich Lushnikov, Tatyana Victorovna Filippova
Abstract:Samples of partly desorbed MgH2 have been studied by the X-ray diffraction method. All samples contained two phases (Mg and...
Authors: T. de la Mora-Ramírez, M.A. Doñu-Ruiz, N. López-Perrusquia, D. Sánchez-Huerta, J.V. Cortes-Suarez
Abstract:One of the most used in the field of medicine for the treatment of tibial shaft fractures internal fixation methods is by osteosynthesis...
Authors: Min Jung Kang, Cheol Hee Kim
Abstract:When casting ECO Al alloys, Mg-Al2Ca is used as a substitute for elemental Mg during the alloying process. Several previous...
Authors: E.M.A. Pereira, J.V. Silva, J.P.S. Santos, T.H.F. Andrade, A.G. Barbosa de Lima
Abstract:This work aims to realize an experimental investigation of the drying of castor bean fruits (Ricinus communis L., “BRS Energia”...
Authors: Marcin Golabczak, Andrzej Golabczak, Andrzej Konstantynowicz
Abstract:Classical surveying of the machined surface quality is performed very often with using roughness profile recording by means of contact...
Authors: Young Min Kim, Min Jung Kang
Abstract:In this study, we analyzed weld cracking in Ni-based superalloys. Alloys with about 64 wt.% Ni and 31 wt.% Ni were used for the weld metal...
Authors: Katarzyna Tkacz-Śmiech, Bartek Wierzba, Bogdan Bożek, M. Danielewski
Abstract:Low-temperature nitriding of austenitic stainless steels or chromium containing alloys can produce expanded austenite, known as S-phase, with...
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