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Authors: Eric Didier, Paulo R.F. Teixeira, Maria Graça Neves
Abstract:This paper presents the validation of active and passive, made by a dissipation beach, numerical absorbing methods implemented in RANS-VOF...
Authors: Renan Spilka Miranda, Maria Luiza Sperb Indrusiak, Felipe Roman Centeno
Abstract:With the increasing demand for energy and fuels in Brazil, the storage of liquid fuels in multiple tanks is becoming much more usual, posing...
Authors: Fábio Faistauer, Petros Rodrigues, Rejane de Césaro Oliveski
Abstract:This work presents a numerical study of the phase change process of PCM (Phase Change Materials) stored in spherical cavities. The numerical...
Authors: R.S. Brum, M.K. Rodrigues, J.V.A. Ramalho, Luiz Alberto Oliveira Rocha, Liércio André Isoldi, Elizaldo Domingues dos Santos
Abstract:This article applies the constructal design method to analyze how to improve the thermal performance of earth-air heat exchangers (EAHE)...
Authors: J.M.P. Conde, J.M.S.M. Cardoso
Abstract:The motion of the free-surface inside a surface-piercing vertical cylindrical tube can be seen as a simplified approximation of an...
Authors: João Francisco Prolo Filho, Marco Paulsen Rodrigues
Abstract:In this work, the Analytical Discrete Ordinates Method (ADO method) is used to provide a closed form solution for a class of one-dimensional...
Authors: Ángela M. León-Mecías, José A. Mesejo-Chiong, Leslie D. Pérez-Fernández, Julián Bravo-Castillero
Abstract:The methods of asymptotic homogenization, domain decomposition and finite elements are combined for the computation of the effective thermal...
Authors: Caroline Barbosa Monteiro, Eduardo de Paula Kirinus, Wiliam Correa Marques, Phelype Haron Oleinik, Juliana Costi
Abstract:Numerical models have been widely used to simulate and predict the behavior and transport of oil spills in marine environments. Their...
Authors: Rodrigo C. Lisboa, Paulo R.F. Teixeira, Eric Didier
Abstract:This paper describes the analysis of the propagation of regular and irregular waves in a flume by using Fluent® model, which is based on the...
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