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Authors: Miroslaw Kozlowski, Rafal Kozubski, Christine Goyhenex
Chapter I
Abstract:Superstructure transformation processes in intermetallics have beenstudied at the atomistic scale using Monte Carlo algorithms within two...
Authors: M. Danielewski, B. Wierzba, K. Tkacz-Śmiech
Chapter II
Abstract:Interdiffusion plays a significant role in the formation and stability of metallic joints and coatings. It is also of critical importance in...
Authors: Wolfgang Sprengel, Masahiro Koiwa
Chapter III
Abstract:The origin of the analysis of concentration dependent diffusivities in solids is closely related to a method nowadays referred to as the...
Authors: Csaba Cserháti, Györgyi Glodán, Dezső L. Beke
Chapter IV
Abstract:Nanoshell formation has been studied experimentally in Ag/Au and Ag/Pd systems in a hemispherical geometry at different temperatures. The...
Authors: D.A. Morton-Blake
Chapter V
Abstract:Molecular dynamics investigations of ions in certain non-bulk media predict that they are capable of significantly greater mobilities than...
Authors: Boris S. Bokstein, Alexey O. Rodin
Chapter VI
Abstract:In the present article the authors make an attempt to survey briefly the main landmarks of the GBD, to set off the most interesting results...
Authors: Helmut Mehrer
Chapter VII
Abstract:Firstly, this paper reminds the reader of some basic facts about the glassy state, then of the various ways to produce amorphous metals with...
Authors: Ivan Procházka, Jakub Čížek, Oksana Melikhova, Wolfgang Anwand, Tetyana E. Konstantinova, Igor A. Danilenko
Chapter VIII
Abstract:In the present work, zirconia (ZrO2) nanopowders doped with yttria (Y2O3) and chromia...
Authors: Anatoly Yakovlevich Fishman, Tatiana Eugenievna Kurennykh, Valentin Yakovlevich Mitrofanov, Eduard Andreevich Pastukhov, Sofya Aleksandrovna Petrova, Sergei Aleksandrovich Uporov, Vladimir Borisovich Vykhodets, Robert Grigorievich Zakharov
Chapter IX
Abstract:The mechanically activated oxides MnO2, Mn2O3, Mn3O4 and MnO were studied under...
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