Recent Progress in Diffusion Thermodynamics and Kinetics in Intermetallic Compounds

Volume 2

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Helmut Mehrer

Abstract: 800x600 Intermetallics are compounds of two metals or of metal(s) and semimetal(s). Their structures are usually different from those of the...

Authors: Markus Stana, Manuel Ross, Bogdan Sepiol

Abstract: The new technique of atomic-scale X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (aXPCS) makesuse of a coherent X-ray beam to study the dynamics of...

Authors: Gary S. Collins, Qiao Ming Wang, John P. Bevington

Abstract: Diffusion of impurity atoms depends on the sublattices occupied, active diffusion mechanisms, and jump frequencies to neighboring sites. The...

Authors: D.L. Beke, Z. Erdélyi, G.L. Katona

Abstract: Two interesting features of formation and growth of intermetallic phases in nanoscale solid state reactions will be...

Authors: Andriy Gusak, Semen Kornienko, Nadiya Storozhuk, Tetyana Zaporozhets

Abstract: Kinetics and structural evolution of the intermediate phase layer formation during reactive diffusion is revisited. Main new input is an...

Authors: Alexander V. Evteev, Elena V. Levchenko, Irina V. Belova, Rafal Kozubski, Zi Kui Liu, Graeme E. Murch

Abstract: We analyse the formalism of transport in a binary system especially focussing on a detailed consideration of the heat of transport parameter...

Authors: A. Biborski, Rafal Kozubski, V. Pierron-Bohnes

Abstract: Triple-defect formation in B2-ordered binary A-B intermetallic compounds results fromthe asymmetry between the formation energies of A- and...


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