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Authors: Mysore A. Dayananda
Chapter I
Abstract:There exist several interesting phenomena and observations reported in literature for isothermal diffusion in multicomponent systems. Such...
Authors: T.R. Paul, I.V. Belova, E.V. Levchenko, A.V. Evteev, G.E. Murch
Chapter II
Abstract:The self-or tracer diffusivity of one component in a binary alloy is often required when there is knowledge of the other component’s self-or...
Authors: A.B. Lidiard
Chapter III
Abstract:This article reviews the subject of the Soret effect and Thermodiffusion in solids more generally. In doing so it draws upon computer...
Authors: Gregory Kozlowski, V. Chaudhary, Z. Turgut, H. Kosai, A. Sheets, T. Bixel, A. Wheatley, P. Abdulkin, B. Knappett, David Jefferson, M. Matusiewicz, J. Kasperczyk, M. Makowska-Janusik
Chapter IV
Abstract:The surface effects on the critical dimensions of ferromagnetic nanoparticles have been studied. Iron nanoparticles with different mean...
Authors: Hasan Güleryüz, Erdem Atar, Fared Seahjani, Hüseyin Çimenoğlu
Chapter V
Abstract:In this paper, diffusional surface hardening processes utilized to overcome the poor tribological performance of titanium and its alloys is...
Authors: D.A. Morton-Blake
Chapter VI
Abstract:A molecular dynamics simulation is conducted to describe the behaviour of sodium and chloride ions as they enter a synthetic ion channel...
Authors: Viswanathan Neelakantan Nurni, Bharath Nidambur Ballal, Seshadri Seetharaman
Chapter VII
Abstract:Diffusion phenomena are of great importance in materials processing wherein atomic, molecular or ionic species are distributed within a phase...
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